Honda VTX1800 240-edition  
The  21st centurys first and biggest PowerCruiser.
Other manufactures were soon to follow Hondas concept of a custom V-Twin Power bike making them even bigger. But still so many years later the Honda VTX1800 is the best of this era.

The Honda VTX1800 puts out 97HP of power and incredible 152Nm in torque.

This bike is the 240-edition meaning the bike has been modified with a new
custom built 10" rear fender with polished stainless steel fender struts. For the wide 240 tire to fit the stock rim has been widened to 9,5" and increased in size to 18". The swingarm has also been modified for the wide wheel to fit the frame.

This is the way Honda should have built this big PowerCruiser.
  Honda VTX1800 Turbo engine